Serving more children – now in Collin County!

For years, we have received referrals from Collin County for services offered by Family Compass. It has always been heartbreaking to share that we were unable to serve families residing outside of Dallas County. Our concern is always the child and their risk for abuse or neglect. Our confidence for families referred in Dallas County lies in evidence-based programming for which we have received national accreditation and a caring, highly-skilled team. And then I received an e-mail in early June with an inquiry.

At that time, Family Outreach of Richardson-Plano, a 41 year old non-profit with a similar mission, reached out to us to consider a merger. After six months of preparation, it is with sheer delight that I share that we have merged Family Outreach of Richardson-Plano into our fold. The merged organization will provide child abuse prevention services in both Dallas and Collin County and operate going forward under the Family Compass name.

I have had the great privilege of working closely with the amazing board, staff and volunteers of the organization for the previous months. Our integration plan includes working alongside the dedicated staff and volunteers to enhance existing services with evidence-based curricula and plan for significant expansion.

Prevention services are critical for Collin County. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that the lifetime cost of abuse for each individual is $210,012. As such, the 1,168 cases confirmed in Collin County in 2013 will have an estimated lifetime cost of more than $240 million. Alternatively, it costs approximately $1,500 annually per child to receive services to prevent abuse.

The holidays are one of the most dangerous times for children, as parents become overwhelmed with economic and family stress. We are here to serve the children of Dallas and Collin counties now and in the years to come. We believe every child deserves to retain their innocence, having never experienced abuse. Every child deserves a true childhood.